Product no.: G00053

Extra large heavy duty blue muck sack 2000 x 2000mm in polypropylene, without handles.

Delivery weight: 700 g


Product no.: EL0188

This muck barrow holds more than any other on the market. Made of heavy gauge steel it is well balanced when loaded.

Delivery weight: 151 kg
Product no.: EL0189

This barrow has support bars for easy tipping. Well balanced when loaded it is easy to manoevre.

Delivery weight: 151 kg
Product no.: ER0081

Designed for use on chopped straw, flax, hemp, paper, straw and wood shavings. Sharpened and pointed prongs removes bedding with ease. Perfectly balanced and strong yet lightweight with a tough lasting finish.

Delivery weight: 1.8 kg
Product no.: ER0290

Galvanised wire head for shavings, peat etc. with 1200mm wooden handle. NOTE: Also available without handle.

Delivery weight: 1.5 kg