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SeaBuckthorn comes from the sea buckthorn plant, Hippophae Rhamnoides  which literally means ‘shiny horse’.  While it has a long history of traditional use, recent research has really cast a spotlight on sea buckthorn, the berries earning the label of ‘super fruit’.

SeaBuckthorn contains an extraordinary array of bioactive nutrients which work synergistically throughout the body, nourishing the fine mucosal membranes which line the entire digestive tract (including the stomach) and respiratory tract, and defending against daily stresses.

Uniquely for a plant, sea buckthorn contains all of the Omega oils -3, -6, -7 and -9. While much is made of sea buckthorn’s rare Omega-7 content, it is perhaps the remarkable profile of anti-oxidant compounds which most actively contribute to the plants overall benefit. In addition to high levels of vitamins, SeaBuckthorn contains many more unique and sought after anti-oxidants including carotenoids (which give the berries their orange colour), phytosterols, flavonoids and phenolic acids. Anti-oxidants defend against oxidative damage, something the body it continuously subject to but is increased greatly by stressors such as travel and competition, illness, anxiety, strenuous exercise, allergens etc.

Used continuously, it has the potential to prevent the occurrence of ulcers, as well as effectively treating existing conditions, without affecting the sensitive digestive system's normal function like other drug based treatments do. Seabuckthorn has a natural ability to diminish inflammation, promote tissue regeneration, disinfect bacteria and relieve pain whilst protecting all mucosal membranes from nose to tail. Comes in a 5 litre containers (lasting approx 45 days/doses). There is no withdrawal period. Seabuckthorn could be the only gastric and general health supplement you’ll need, with the additional benefits of anti-oxidants and bioactive ingredients to improve your horse’s well-being and condition. It uses all the most valuable parts of the entire Himalayan Seabuckthorn plant to support and treat from head to tail.

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