Tack/ Feed Room

Tack/ Feed Room
For all the sundry equipment usually found in the tack room or feed store, including feed bins, saddle racks and rug rails.

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Product no.: ET0076

Robust metalwork and the waxed dark hardwood pole; a classic combination.

Delivery weight: 1.25 kg
Product no.: ET0075

With a refined style and substantial construction this is the perfect partner to the elegant new saddle rack. Enjoying the same wrought iron styling and dark waxed hardwood, this will look the part virtually anywhere. Protruding wooden lip prevents bridles falling off. Large hook below for reins etc

Delivery weight: 350 g
Product no.: ET0074

Evoking the quality and class of centuries gone by, the stylish metalwork and beautiful dark wood create a very high class tack rack. The classic turnings have a traditional end finial. Strong, dark and good looking the huge 18cm/7" long pegs are steel reinforced; they will not droop!

Delivery weight: 1 kg
Product no.: ET0078

Turned, dark hardwood rails mounted on elegant retro metalwork, resemble the traditional quality and class of centuries gone by. STUBBS are more than proud of their latest creation!Big enough for 2 saddles. The rail underneath is ideal for drying/displaying numnahs, and the end hooks are perfect for bridles, head collars etc. The strong legs are more than just functional, with the attractive wrought iron scrolls providing traditional reinforcement. A combination of dark hardwood and wrought iron styled metalwork. Assembly is very straightforward with just 4 bolts.

Delivery weight: 11 kg
Product no.: ET0077

Retro range, this rail is ideal for rugs outside the stable or in the tack room. The stylish metalwork and beautiful dark wood evoke the quality and class of centuries gone by. Good looking, the timber is turned with traditional end finials. The combination of wrought iron styled metalwork and waxed hardwood make this a quality partner to the highly popular Retro Saddle and Bridle Racks introduced in 2016. They have attracted the attention of the most discerning architects and owners, and are now seen in the finest tack rooms around the world; only the practical functionality exceeds the rich appearance. Increasingly used in shops too, they raise the standard of presentation. With price tags that are within everyone's reach, all can enjoy this traditional styling. In addition to the wall hooks, the pole ends provide hanging space for hats, coats, head collars, bridles and boots.

Delivery weight: 2 kg

W B Stubbs saddle rack in black. Made from tubular and flat steel, welded then plastic coated. Drilled for 4 screws. 540mm long.

Delivery weight: 1.4 kg

Plastic coated round tube fits between pads on saddle. Arm folds down when not in use. 470mm long. Black or red.

Delivery weight: 1 kg
Product no.: ET0063

Easily clips up when not in use. Particularly suited to trailers and lorries as well as tack rooms. Black.

Delivery weight: 1 kg

Plastic coated steel rack which folds flat against the wall when not in use.

Delivery weight: 1 kg
Product no.: ET0006

Ingenious and very space saving this will bring tidiness to the tightest space.

Delivery weight: 1 kg
Product no.: ET0052

Recently introduced but already proving very popular, this multiple rack has great capacity.

Delivery weight: 1.1 kg

Strong plastic coated steel bracket for brush, shovel etc. drilled for screws. Black or red.

Delivery weight: 0.4 kg
Product no.: ET0033

Set of 5 screw-in bright zinc plated tool holders for hanging shovels, forks etc.

Delivery weight: 0.2 kg

Plastic coated steel hanger, hangs over rail, door etc. 4 hooks on backing plate. Useful for harness, tools etc.

Delivery weight: 1 kg
Product no.: ET0007

Following popular demand, we now offer an eight hooked version of the successful handy hanger, but of heavier construction.

Delivery weight: 2.4 kg

Half round heavy duty steel hook, drilled to take 2 screws, plastic coated after manufacture.

Delivery weight: 0.4 kg

Set of 5 x 100mm long plastic coated steel hooks, drilled for screws. Red or black.

Delivery weight: 0.4 kg
Product no.: ET0002

Generously sized hooks, well clear of each other, yet very compact. Attractive blacksmith styling and fitted with rubber tips.

Delivery weight: 250 g

For a finishing touch to the tackroom, this set of 5 steel brackets are plastic coated.

Delivery weight: 0.6 kg
Product no.: ET0019

Obvious name, but so many uses particularly suited at high level in vehicles and tack rooms. Tubular steel construction. Black.

Delivery weight: 2 kg

Pressed steel racks, plastic coated to prevent leather cracking.

Delivery weight: 0.2 kg

Set of 3 plastic coated bridle racks on hardwood board.

Delivery weight: 1 kg
Product no.: ET0010

Six red powder coated bridle racks on a revolving arm.This design is both attractive & space saving.

Delivery weight: 2 kg
Product no.: ET0043

Steel tube with plastic coated prongs to protect leather. Adjustable from 440mm to 800mm long.Combined red or black finish. Ceiling hook not supplied.

Delivery weight: 0.9 kg
Product no.: ET0225

Most useful accessory to assist with tack cleaning. 250mm long, steel with protective plastic surface so leather is not damaged. Black.

Delivery weight: 0.2 kg
Product no.: ET0001

Large enough for 5 polo type bandages. wall mounted & includes integral bandage roller with left or right hande operation.

Delivery weight: 1.5 kg
Product no.: ET0226

Set of 4 tubular steel racks styled in the traditional manner, then plastic coated black. Collar rack, saddle rack, bridle rack and reins rack.

Delivery weight: 2.6 kg
Product no.: ET0415

Stores 3 pairs of boots in radial style for handy selection. Strong wall mounted rack in black only.

Delivery weight: 4.5 kg
Product no.: ET0034

Rug rail is suitable for outside the stable. Black plastic coated steel construction 910mm long.

Delivery weight: 2 kg
Product no.: ET0030

Our ultimate rug rack with 5 swivelling arms mounted on 32 plastic coated wall brackets. Configured to allow adjoining units, thus creating a continuous display. A small knob on the upper side of each arm deters rugs from sliding off as selection takes place.

Delivery weight: 20 kg
1 - 30 of 63 results